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Divya Jim
Divya Jim

I grew up in a state (Kerala, India) where natural beauty was given top priority. The concept of long hair – jet black! big wide eyes, healthy body and of course beautiful skin.

I still remember my grand mom who was 85+ didn’t even have a single grey hair and she always claimed that it’s her asset! And not to forget my Ammi (my mother) who used to apply all the vegetable and fruit peels on her face and my Appa (my father) who came up with variety of new skin and hair care recipe’s whenever we had a concern.

Aging is a fact of life, not a condition that needs to be (can be) cured by skin care products!

So why use organic /botanic /natural skincare products to maintain a healthy skin? My answer – Why Not?

Our skin cannot discriminate between synthetic and natural or between harmful and beneficial. Hence it may absorb harmful chemical present in commercial skincare products.

The question I ask is …What do you want to put on your skin?

We say no to synthetic fragrances, harmful colors, artificial preservatives, foam boosters and synthetic additives.

Now that’s a short into to our Dj Natura. I thank you for putting your trust and confidence in my passion towards making natural skin and haircare products. I hope and pray that healing and rejuvenation will take place on your skin and hair you love our products as much I love mine!

Much Love
Divya Jim